Daily Prompt – Encrusted


The wind howled and roared like a freight train forging ahead. Picking up speed as it barreled down on the little town in the distance. Warning sirens blared as people took flight to seek out shelter.  In a matter of minutes, the entire ground was encrusted with debris. The tornado takes no mercy!

Daily Prompt – Simplify

via Daily Prompt: Simplify


Reducing down these thoughts in my head
that overwhelm and take control
Self-doubt manifests in daily decisions
Leaving scars to mark my soul

I render my thoughts to the reasons why
I allow this self-doubt to creep in
Pausing for a moment I take a deep breath
Deciding to allow my healing to begin

Casting out the clutter clogging daily life
Using the mindfulness I apply
Breathing easier now as I take on this new life
Amazing things happen when you simplify.

Picture Perfect

The Daily Post Prompt: Gate

gate m123

So I know I already posted a story using today’s Gate prompt with a short fictional story. However, there is another lighter story (also fictional) that just insists on being shared.


Err… err…
err… err…
err… err…

The sound of the old rickety cast iron gate loomed in the air, as the wind pushed and pulled it back and forth in a tug-0-war with its hinges. The sun shown bright high in the sky to signify a midsummer’s day. Beyond the gate, the beauty of the field flowers mesmerized as they rippled across the land like waves on the ocean, casting shadows in the same wave pattern then quickly starting back at the beginning of the field over and over again.

It was a happy, calming scene. One that helped relax the soul as you connected with nature.  Rabbits nibbled on the clovers and white tailed deer grazed on grass as birds danced and sang in the sky singing a merry tune.

Dale took her time in slowly setting up the tripod then placing the canvas atop. For, she did not want to scare away any of the animals nearby. She then took the folding table out of her backpack setting it up the perfect distance from the tripod. Neatly setting her paints and brushes out, she took in a long deep breath, held it for a moment and exhaled.

This was by far, one of her favorite places on earth. Looking out over the cliffside you could see the ocean for miles creating the perfect backdrop for this magnificent field of flora and fauna. In her element, completely at peace, she began to depict this wonderful scene on her canvas.  Thus creating a permanent memory of this most glorious day with the gate front and center.



via Daily Prompt: Bumble

As defined by the Urban Dictionary.

“Brumble” is a combination of the words bramble and mumble. It refers to a confusing and prickly mess of poorly articulated information dished out by peoplewho really should know better, and can therefore said to be mumbling incoherently when asked to explain something properly.


Is it just me or do today’s standards in social media and texting bother others as well? I honestly do not understand half the ‘lingo’ now used these days. All of the abbreviations kill me! Here’s just one example of a conversation one might see via text message or another messaging app.

“IRL I was talkin 2 Sam who said Tom said, “I ❤ u” to Jean.”



“My 02, 4COL”

“R U going 2nite?”


“G2G, 303 calling me”


Is that or is that not Brumbling?

After I posted this, I got to thinking I really should elaborate on how I feel about this subject. For starters, I am physically affected by a conversation like this. I get chills and my hair stands up like I had been sitting in a classroom and hearing someone scrape their nails down an old chalkboard.

Seeing so much of this not just by our youth but from grown adults makes me think there is something seriously messed up with our school systems if talking like this is now appropriate.

I am reminded of the old Charlie Brown shows on television where all of the adults Brumble incoherently. What are our English Classes teaching these days? Have the old rules of the written English Language really been thrown out the window in favor of this less time consuming and easy way of communicating even if it is harder to read and understand?  How many of you actually understand every abbreviation above without having to look even one of them up?

We need to get back to the basics in my opinion.

JSW Prompt 7-10-17

JSW Prompt 7-10-17.jpg

JSW Prompt 7-10-17

The fog was coming in too thick and too fast for Sequoia’s liking. She knew she had to reach the top of the tower before it overcame her. Why did she ever think leaving the comfort of this tower was a good idea? In a way, the fog was a blessing, for without it; she was afraid they would find her. However, if it came too fast, one misstep on the dew covered hidden stairs would mean her tragic end.

She could hear the barking of the dogs in the distance as they tracked her scent. A man yelled, “This way, come on hurry up or we will lose her.” More yelling voices echoed in the distance. They were closing in and fast. Blowing out the tiny glowing light from her lantern, she quickened her pace. Just a few more stairs she told herself quietly.

Finally, she could just barely make out the shadowy arch of the tall forbidding dark oak doorway. In the eighteen years she had lived here, not one person had dared enter. It was her refuge in a world of hateful unaccepting people. She was forced to run away from town when she was only fourteen. For they had accused her mother and aunts of being witches burning them at the stake without a trial. Then coming for her in the dead of night.

Tonight’s unfortunate run-in with the town drunk put her mind back to that long cold night so many years ago. The pain she felt tore through her cutting deep into her core. It was as if she were a kid again, running for her life for the first time. How did they even know it was her after all this time?


Completing Parts 1 & 2 of Character Challenge

So I am going to complete two of my goals today. First is the daily writing and the second is the weekly reading of an article that will help me develope as a writer. The article I chose today was a character challenge written and posted by: Annette Rey on her blog titled Writers Block No More. I am going to attempt to do something I have never done and post the link to Annette’s challenge. https://wordpress.com/read/blogs/103985351/posts/987

Now onto the challenge. It says to write a character profile for 5 people. Either a group of men or a group of women all in their 20’s. They were all part of the same friend group in high school and non of them left the town they live in after high school. They continue to hang out often. The rules are simple. Write 5 seperate paragraphs for each describing the characteristics.

I am choosing to write about a group of 5 women. So lets dive right in and see what we can come up with.

1) Shawna – Real Estate Broker. Went into family business and works at parents company. Tall and thin with a friendly voice. Outgoing life of the party type. Makes friends easily. At 25 already owns own home and lives alone. Dresses professionally usually in pant suits or dresses. Hard worker, focused and driven to succeed. wears glasses.

2) Opal – Retail Worker & Caregiver to younger brother. Parents died in car accident. Average hight and build. Although mostly quiet and withdrawn, she is loyal and open with her friends. Smartest one of the group but lost her way. Always reading non-fiction. Battles demons from her struggles in life. Always in a crisis. Inherited parents home and property with a meager life insurance policy that bearly paid off the house. Has no real direction in life now that she gave up her dream of becoming a lawyer. Now dresses frumpy and has unkempt look. Wild red hair. Financial issues abound.

3) Shea – Artist/sculpter & Gallory Manager. Most beautiful of the friend group with long legs and perfect curves in all the right places. Her light brown hair and green eyes are captivating. Men just seem to fall at her feet to please her. Often given expensive gifts to try to win her favor. She has a playful yet confident air about her. Always smiling, always happy. Life is a canvas and she is ready to paint it. Lives in the top floor apartment of an abandoned factory that was made into 2 apartment units taking top 2 floors and bottom or ground floor is the art gallory. Her boss’s son lives in the second apartment. Daily painting attire is overalls but cleans up very well to dance the night away.

4) Lainy – Bartender. Short and athletic. Hot tempered, fiesty thing. Couch surfs between friend’s houses ever since she broke up with her ex. Loves sports, was pitcher on high school softball team, captain of volleyball team and won back to back championships for all sports teams. Also ran track and has boxes and boxes of ribbons and metals. Now plays on the bar’s baseball team. Loud potty mouth. Defender of friends although you could never tell from her small size. you will find her in jeans and t-shirts most of the time.

5) Andrea – Limo driver. Average hight but a bit plump. Low self-esteem. Always dieting and trying to lose weight but turns to food to compensate for emotions. The friend that always convinces others to follow her crazy ideas. The funny jokester of the group. Fickle and has no real ‘type’ of man she likes. Believes in love at first sight and has no problem being the ‘slutty friend’. Although the guys just use her for that reason and never want to ‘settle down’ Strech pants and oversized shirts when not working.

Okay, not sure how I did with these characters but it sure was fun and a bit difficult trying to come up with 5 seperate personalities. Can’t wait to start part 2 of this chacater challenge. Please leave a comment letting me know how you think I did.

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