Trash.Eater-Abstract Mechanism EP Finally out Now

It is finally out!

I have been waiting for this EP since December 2017 when I first heard the beginning ramblings of the music my son was composing for this album. A long-time fan of his music, I have always said he was going to do great things in the music industry.

Opfer (as he likes to be called) picked up his first guitar at just 8 years old. It was an instant love affair. It became part of him and he a part of it. He was a natural, a pro, a musical protogy. Once he learned the cords there was no stopping him. By the time he was 16, he could literally play any instrument you placed before him no matter how obscure it was. He could listen to any song and within 5 minutes play it with those instruments like he had written them.

Opfer has many musical projects going at the moment. At just 25 he and his bandmate and longtime buddy already own their own record label ( Industriestandard Records)and recording studio. Some of his projects include:

Digital Hardcore veterans Ri0t_viRus have dropped a new album! A collaboration between IndustrieStandard and the legendary D-Trash Records, the groups latest effort takes aim at the Economic Elite, and anybody else who would wish to control the masses. It’s time to stand strong, unite, and oppose the oppression. “Resistance Is Fertile” is the perfect soundtrack for the revolution.

The album above hit number 1 on the Bandcamp where it stayed for many days.

Static Ego




And FINALLY–the solo project I have been waiting on.


On the SonicTerror bandcamp page is the 8 track dystopian breakcore release from Trash.eater! The “Abstract Mechanism EP” features his raw power distortion and aggressive, terrorizing breaks. These 8 tracks thunder like an army of manufacturing equipment working in unison to produce a modern Frankenstein’s monster, the misunderstood offspring and unwanted result of a society built on empathy and self-absorption. While you were not looking this beast that would be misread is here to teach what you cannot see for yourself. Side effects may include manic behavior, wide spread disbelief in institutions, and, in some cases, cranial bleeding. Keep a towel handy …

The most exciting part of all of this is that Ri0t_viRus, Static Ego and Trash.Eater are going on a national tour starting in July. The dates I know of so far are:

**Trash.eater//Ri0t_viRus 2018**

Detroit, MI – July 6th – Trash.Eater @City Club w/ Limewax, Thrasher, GEIN, Delta 9

Ft Wayne, IN – July 14th (NEED VENUE) – Trash.Eater & Ri0t_viRus w/Delta 9, Biohazard40, Moondancer

Cincinnati, OH – July 22nd – Trash.Eater & Ri0t_viRus w/End.User @ The Mockbee

Indianapolis, IN – July 28th – Ri0t_viRus w/ Riot Division & Shoot on Sight

More dates will be announced soon. If you don’t see your city on here and want to see these guys live, go visit them on Facebook and send them a message.  If you live in Ft Wayne and know of a venue they could use, please let them know. That one is going to be one heck of a show if they can find a venue.

My Beautiful Spawns Sweet 16 Removal Day

Just 16 short years ago on April 22, 2002, my beautiful spawn blessed us with her early surprise arrival. Right from the start, she was too eager and impatient to embrace the world. Waiting until her due date of May 15th was just not an option for her. I went in for a normal routine doctor’s visit and was sent directly to the hospital.

The doctor was concerned because I had not felt her move in a few weeks and wanted me to get a stress test. The test showed her heartbeat kept dropping below an acceptable level and upon further tests, it was shown I have a rare condition where I cannot produce amniotic fluid in the third trimester. So after trying to induce my labor without success, the doctor decided an emergency c-section was to be performed.  This is why she calls her birthday, her removal day! LOL…

Weighing in at just 4 pounds and 11 ounces, she was tiny but perfect and fully developed in every way. Through the years, she has shown a remarkable talent for skipping stages that normal children go through. Singing before she could talk, walking before she could crawl, drawing before she could write, and even understanding before the lesson has been taught. Wise beyond her years, yet still so hard for me as a mother to let go and let her grow.

My baby girl, now a smart, beautiful and talented young woman with the world at her feet ready to greet her and her it. She has never lost that sense of wonder from her toddler days and I hope she never does. It is with a warm heart, love, and tenderness along with a sense of awe that I watch each of her performances, just as I do and have with her older brother. I AM her biggest fan and I know she will succeed in whatever her heart desires.

Now enough of my sappy momma moments. For Cibila’s sweet 16 all she wanted for her birthday was to perform a concert set and feel like a star. This led us to speak with Kim the awesome owner of Brewed Awakenings Cafe in Saline, Michigan. We had been attending their Monday night open mic nights with Ted Montei for several years whenever we could. So I thought we would give it a shot and just ask Kim to see how she felt. Kim was absolutely delighted and thrilled that we wanted to host the party in the coffee shop and it just so happened that the day we wanted was free.

With the place, date and time set, I made a call to Industriestandard Records. Let me tell you, it pays to have a son in the music industry. LOL These awesome guys offered to bring out the equipment and run sound for the show. Fantastic!!! My daughter’s dream was coming true. All that was needed next was a crowd to enjoy the music. We got a little concerned when we only had 9 RSVPs up until the actual day of her party. So when we ended up filling the place to pretty much capacity, I was overjoyed and thankful that the folks over at Brewed Awakenings Cafe did not mind all of the extra business.

It turned out to be an amazing day for all involved most of all, for my darling daughter. She performed beautifully and the crowd enjoyed themselves. What more could a mother ask for? Without further ado, I would like to share with you the 6 recorded videos of Cibila’s performance. It is my hope that you too, will enjoy spending a few moments of your time being entertained by her.

A very special thanks to Kim and her employee’s over at Brewed Awakenings Cafe and the guys at Industriestandard Records. It would not have been possible without you.

Open Mic Night Series


We all have them in our life, you know the special people that brighten your day simply by being there. For me, it is my children. But this post is all about my daughter which is where I will place my focus. This girl was singing as soon as she was talking. It is in her blood, in her soul.

Ever since my injury, she has stepped up to the plate and helped care for and nurture me. She has worked tirelessly at school and at home doing the chores I can no longer do. She has shown a compassion and understanding unmatched and unheard of in one so young. On top of taking on the extra responsibility, she had to give up a lot of normal teenage activities as I can no longer participate or transport her like I used too. Her singing at open mic nights was one of those things.

As a parent, it is so hard to feel like I am taking away her youth. I like any other parent want to nurture her instead of having it be the other way around. I want to support her dream of being a singer/performer and do all I can to provide happiness and joy in her life. In a time where she should be carefree, stressfree, having fun and exploring who she is as a young woman, she is instead taking on more responsibility.

Now as her 16th birthday comes around, in an effort to show her some gratitude for all she has done, I have started taking her back to the open mic nights at Brewed Awakenings Cafe once a week. We have to make some sacrifices to make it happen for her like getting there early so she can take her turn at the beginning of the night. And leaving soon after her set so that I can get home to rest afterward since my head is already a right good mess by that time.

What she does not know, is that the only time I feel true happiness and joy now days is when I hear her sing. Especially in front of a crowd. She is so talented. Seeing her let go of all of the stress and enjoy herself while performing is worth any amount of pain I may have to deal with as a result of my brain injury. I am so blessed to have her in my life as my daughter.

I am not a videographer at all but below you will find my attempt at recording her performances at this weeks open mic. Please enjoy.

TRash.eAter – Shit Happens

The beats in this song signify how my brain feels at the slightest sounds after my concussion. It could be a quiet room with the only noise being the sound of a clock ticking, but I hear it as THIS BEAT. Such great music coming out of this man! True fan here!

Industriestandard Records

I have never seen such a hard-working and dedicated group of musicians in my life. These guys over at Industriestandard Records are as talented as they come. They announced just a week ago that they are setting up a tour this year starting in July and so far going through September. They are continuing to add new tour dates by the day. Taken right off their facebook page you can see what bands they are booking the tour for below:

  • We’re going to be booking gigs for the following acts;Ri0t_viRus – Digital Hardcore/Punk Industrial

    Trash.eater – Breakcore/Jungle/DnB

    Static Ego – Hardcore Punk

    Absynth3ticA – Chillout/Downtempo/Psychedelic

Whatever your music tastes are, you will find something you enjoy on their label and with their artists. Go and check them out here on WordPress(link above) or on their facebook page. If you would like to see their tour come to a city near you don’t forget to drop them a line. You can even contact me and I will pass the information along.

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