About w/Audio Narration

I am just me, that is all I can be and all I ever will be. To accept who I am I must first understand my value.  I must place that value low enough to where I believe in my worth without being vain or conceited and yet high enough to where I am not being taken advantage of by others. – Cheynoea

I have struggled and fought my way through many barriers which sought to impede my progress. Starting with but not limited to depression as a teen, self-harm and even a few attempts at taking my own life. Divorced my first husband, was widowed by my second at the mere age of 35 leaving me a single mother with two children. Was abused by my third husband (thank goodness I broke free from that relationship).  Lost everything I owned on more than one occasion and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Yet, here I am. A Survivor, not a victim!

It has taken me many years to gain back my value. To understand my own self-worth. To learn to be patient and most of all kind to myself.  Through my efforts to constantly improve, grow and evolve; I have learned how to defeat the demons within myself and the outside world that surrounds me. I no longer place a higher value on the opinions of others over my own. I no longer let people treat me like a doormat. I am no longer scared of being alone. But most of all, I am no longer fearful of owning my emotions and sharing those feelings with others. I am free!

This blog means a lot to me. It is my way of getting out my thoughts, views, and opinions. Of sharing my own experiences. And hopefully, through my sharing, I can reach at least one person to inform them that they are not alone. That if I can make it through what I have and come out on the other side without being bitter and resentful…. then so can they. I want to give hope where all hope has been lost. I want to give encouragement when you feel like giving up. I want to inspire others to strive for change within themselves to become better people. If I can do this even on a limited basis, I will be happy.

So thank you in advance for reading my posts, visiting my blog, liking and commenting on any or all of them.


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