Fast Food: Good Management or Horrible Boss


The following letter is addressed to Carrols Corporation Upper Management. For those of you who do not know, Carrols Corporation owns and operates over 800 fast food restaurants better known as Burger King. It was written by a concerned parent regarding an issue that happened when her daughter tried to call in sick to work.

The following image is a screenshot I took right from the about page on the website. It gives you a clear idea of the image that Carrols wishes the public to perceive of them.

carrols 1.4


My intention for this post is to get my readers involved in analyzing this situation. I want an open-ended conversation on this letter and the duty and responsibility that our food service workers have to society. As well as the responsibility that managers have to listen to and be concerned for their employees and customers alike. All identifying information has been blacked out to provide the parties involved safety and privacy.


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From the first part of this letter, it sounds like the minor had a pretty serious illness going on. Looking at it from a neutral standpoint, she did the right thing by trying to call in and even going as far as to drive across town to talk to the manager for her daughter.



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In this next section of the letter, the parent explains the situation and even breaks it down into some very valid points. She brings up some great questions on what is and is not acceptable from managers in the food industry. It also shows a level of responsibility for the young employee’s part for actually calling in and not showing up for work in that condition to spread germs onto the customers.


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Further going into details we see that the employee and the parent made every attempt possible to inform the manager of how serious the situation was with the minor’s illness. As well as trying to inform them of her absence because of it. The question remains:

  1. Did the manager handle the situation appropriately?
  2. Would you have handled this situation the same? Differently and how?
  3. What would you have done as the parent in this situation?
  4. Did the parent handle the situation at the location and furthermore with the letter in the correct manner?
  5. What would you have done differently?


carrols 1.3


In the conclusion, this parent gives solid evidence on her background and shows she is looking at the situation in a rational and logical manner not just as an angry parent wanting to complain. She is considering all sides of the issue here and giving reasonable suggestions as to how to resolve the issue.

Taking the ‘about us’ section into account on Carrol’s website is this the type of behavior they desire and expect out of their managers? What do you think?





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