As It Should Be (A Woman’s Perspective)

As It Should Be (A Woman’s Perspective)
By: Tonya Ross

I am not looking for a one night stand,
I want a forever kind of man.
So if you are just looking for a “score”,
Go ahead darlin’ and hit that door.

I want a man that knows how to treat a lady right,
A little kissin’ and a huggin’ each and every night.
Buy me some flowers and some cards,
To show your love and just because.

If I am sad, depressed or really down,
Do something special to let me know, you want me around.
Don’t sit and gloat just because you can,
Get up and remind me just why I’m your woman.

With a soft voice and a tender heart,
You’ll get by much farther from the start.
Simple moments filled with pleasure, yes indeed,
For I have told you just how to plant that seed.

If you do these things for me,
Oh so happy you will be.
I will pledge my heart and soul to you,
My love forever will stand strong and true.


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