As It Should Be (A Man’s Perspective)

As It Should Be (A Man’s Perspective)
By: Tonya Ross

I’m not lookin’ for just fling,
I want your love to make me “ding”,
A little push and a little pull,
Oh my is that a handfull?

I want a woman that can treat a man right,
A lot of kissin’ n’ huggin’ all through the night.
Grab me a beer and turn the game on,
Don’t mind me if I seem withdrawn.

If I am sad, depressed or really down,
Let me go out with the guys, trust me you don’t want me around.
Don’t sit and cry and wonder why,
It’s a guy thing so forget the sigh.

With a little silk and some candles lit,
You’ll steal my heart like a bandit.
Sexy moments yes INDEED,
I have told you just how to plant that seed.

If you do these things for me,
I’ll be at your beck n’ call like a puppy.
I will pledge my heart and soul to you,
My love forever will stand strong and true.


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