Mothers and Their Children

Mothers and Their Children A mother’s love starts the moment they get the news they are pregnant. They give up things their children will never understand or know. Just in order to allow their baby to grow healthy inside of them. They go through tremendous pain during labor. Then lose hours and days of sleep … Continue reading Mothers and Their Children



Dream By: Tonya Ross 1/11/14 Dream not with your eyes shut Late at night in slumber When the world is dark And shadows lumber. Dream not an imaginary world Where there is no truth For a soul to see Barring physical proof. Dream not of things That can't be reached Tasted......touched Or even taught. Dream … Continue reading Dream


UNTITLED By: tonya ross In the dark I sit again This time listening to the hum of the fan As night turns to day. Another of many sleepless nights Which seem to encompass me Cloaking my body as a blanket Yet refusing to keep me warm. Wondering why I cannot break This perpetual darkened cloud … Continue reading UNTITLED